The El Dorado Meat Collective is a network of citizens who are looking for a sustainable and cost-effective approach to buying and eating meat straight from California’s small niche local farmers and ranchers.  As an up-close and personal, traveling hands-on butchery school, we will not only help you to procure the animals you are looking for, we will teach you to carve the meat into the cuts you want.   In our classes, students work with professional butchers learning the proper techniques for transforming their pigs, lambs, ducks, goats and chickens, even whole steers, into the cuts they love, such as roasts, bacon, chops, short ribs, shanks, fresh sausage, and rib eye steaks, also learning what to do with their meat once they get it home.   The students collectively decide how they want their animal share carved up and the students do all the butchery themselves, with the guidance of the EMC instructor.  

In short, we are a roving, local, sustainable, community approach to demystifying whole animal butchery!


The El Dorado Meat Collective is now Musetto Adventures Going Forward!

Just as the EMC was going strong and taking off, my father fell quite ill in 2015 and required my full attention.  Now that life is stable again, I want to take this opportunity to update you on changes with The El Dorado Meat Collective!  Going forward, the EMC is consolidating with it's parent company, Musetto LLC, dba Musetto Adventures.  What this means to you is that you receive all future information, newsletters and events/classes from
Musetto Adventures will still be hosting hands on meat centric events, but also focusing on adventures in food, particularly food related travel to Western Europe, education, and events.  The El Dorado Meat Collective has been an arm of Musetto that specialized in Meat Education and the Traditional artisan Meat Craft of salumi and wursts.  We've come to the decision that keeping two websites, two mailing lists, two social media sites, and so on, was not effective and distracted us from communicating clearly,serving our customers and friends.

Watch for future announcements coming from Musetto Adventures! 


Date Class Description

June 25-28
The Journey of the Butcher's Apprentice
Francois Vecchio              
For details please visit our classes page

June 18
Basic Sausage Making Workshop Visit the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op for details

July 11
The Whole Hog:  Basic Whole Pig Butchery Visit the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op for details

Learn more about our instructors:
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