The EMC is a proud member of the Butchers GuildThe El Dorado Meat Collective is a network of citizens who are looking for a sustainable and cost-effective approach to buying and eating meat straight from small niche local farmers and ranchers.  As an up-close and personal, traveling hands-on butchery school, we will not only help you to procure the animals you are looking for, we will teach you to carve the meat into the cuts you want.   In our classes, students work with professional butchers learning the proper techniques for transforming their pigs, lambs, ducks, goats and chickens, even whole steers, into the cuts they love, such as roasts, bacon, chops, short ribs, shanks, fresh sausage, and rib eye steaks, also learning what to do with their meat once they get it home.   The students collectively decide how they want their animal share carved up and the students do all the butchery themselves, with the guidance of the EMC instructor.  

In short, we are a roving, local, sustainable, community approach to demystifying whole animal butchery!
The EMC helps the students procure their live animal or share in a live animal from a rancher or farmer for their direct household consumption.

The EMC believes in good, clean, sustainable and honest meat for all, a slow food approach.  These words can mean a lot of things to different people.  The EMC is not a political entity of any sort, but has this basic mantra:  animals should be raised in an environment that provides space for physical comfort and species interaction. The diet should sustain a healthy, fitting and natural consumption pattern for that particular species.  The husbandry of these animals shall not increase animal stress during the life, transportation and slaughter. Although, of course, we prefer animals that don’t have to be transported for slaughter—instead, on farm slaughtering preferred – lawful regulations play a role in citizens’ choices to do so. First and last, we don’t tolerate the use of hormones, and or antibiotics.  Antibiotics should of course be administered to animals in health need, but the EMC will diligently reject those animals for our classes.

  Support Your Local Meat Collective!

The El Dorado Meat Collective is a proud supporter of the Meat Collectives Across America campaign started by Camas Davis of the Portland Meat Collective.  You can learn more about the birth of the Meat Collective campaign by watching the Portland Meat Collective Kickstarter video (click  on Meat Collectives Across America graphic below to open video).  Camas was able to raise the funds necessary to start two new collectives in Olympia and Seattle, WA.  The El Dorado Meat Collective is the first of it's kind in California and was founded without funding from the Portland Meat Collective or Kickstarter.  If you are interested in supporting the growth of The El Dorado Meat Collective (either financially or through volunteer activities), if you are a farmer, rancher or butcher who would like to work with us, or if you are simply interested in learning more about us, please contact us.